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caused all the fireworks to happened. 3everyone knows you don't mess with texas, except for the attorney generall why his voter rights fight could be the final straw that costs him his job. a cure or hiccups for just eight dollars. how the inventor says he stumbled upon his simple solutton. and forget putting on sunscreen, just pop a pill. whh this might be the future in the fight against skin cancer. attorney general eric holder may soon wish he didn't mess with texas. a eggl showdown between the lone star state -- and the ustice department is just days away. before anyone steps into the courtroom james rosen explains why one lawmaker is already cross-examining the attorney general's star &pwitness. 3 attorney general eric holder is figgting in ourt... to block texas from enacting state paased last year... wwich equires registered voters to posssss as well a valid, state-issuee photo i-d. proponents say it'll eeforrement officer disagrees.- holder says: "[w]e objected to a photo id requirement in texas because it would have had a disproportiooate impact on hispanic vot
to revert to your texas voice. >> the last time i saw my brother, we had an immense fight. it was in his house in san antonio, i am describing, the book opens with this fight. this is sort of a picture of my brother at this exact moment. there are always apples around him, women, too. apple pie, big sheik antique bowls of wooden apples, read and golden, apples pencils, produce framed on the library wall, texas vegetables from the rio grand empire. i am an american first, then a texan he would say not understanding he sounded like auggi march. the clues are there, i later realized. a man's fate is his character. you always have to show off and tell us what you know, carl said. i'll be in washington next week i say. i have an interview, i have to close of peace. you promised me, you said you would stay away from washington state. you sat right here and said you would not go to the cascades. he yells as loudly as i have ever heard him. washington, d.c. i shout back. i have the trait as well. [laughter]. >> as you are thinking about that, i would like to ask you to give us one more. there ar
that means is if you have a state, let's take texas, for example, where six million texans are uninsured, highest rate in the country. a quarter of their residents don't have health insurance. if they went with the affordable care act and expanded medicaid coverage up to 133%, it would cover 2 million more texans, 2 million, and for the first years, it would be 100% of the federal government expense. going forward, it would be at 90% of federal government expense. so texas decides in their texas way that they do sometimes that they're not going to go with the program. those 2 million people won't be insured and yet they won't qualify for the subsidies in the affordable care act to help them be able to afford insurance on their own. so we'll literally have a situation where the poorest people, the people in the most need, will be totally left out in the cold. bobby jindal has already said in louisiana that he is not, in his state, going to go with the medicaid expansion, and you can imagine that a lot of these republicans are going to make this a litmus issue so that any republican who ha
to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam socks wrapped around them. after the fruit came you'd get a series of phone calls, can i demand a refund from the ups man, are you sure, can you write down what time it came? >> you have been carrying around this story all your life, what happened, why turn it into a book? >> it was a huge decision. it came completely. so many of us carry around this sibling thing in the attic thing. it came to me because something happened in our life which transformed our relationship. it was huge for me and huge for him. we learned how to become a team. and we had, my brother had a crisis and wrote me a letter about it, kind of a stunning letter that came like a time bomb, when he was quite young, barely 50 that he had a rare form of non smo
edition of the interview. seriously. and we've got some good news from austin, texas, and portmouth new hampshire. and we're done playing this sound effect. we are done with that. if you do not believe me, go to fred thompson is inherently i should said we weren't going to play it again. unsolved case of older sister who goes for the white house. that's still ahead. >>> other than me and susan and catholosim, my girlfriend's family and my family have almost nothing in common. they're in new jersey and new englanwe're from canada and california. they make short ribs, we make pot roast. but there is this one unexpected thing. at at least one time or another we've been devoted jeep families. our families if you added us together, we're probably responsible for something like 15 jeeps over time. particularly jeep cherokees of different sorts. both of our families bought them even back when they were terrible cars. close the door and the frame would rattle and the ventilation would sound like something stuck in there. i used to light susan's jeep on fire all the time just trying t
. seriously. and we've got some good news from austin, texas, and portmouthnew hampshire. and we're done playing this sound effect. we are done with that. if you do not believe me, go to fred thompson is inherently i should said we weren't going to play it again. yet the house is considering a bill to close thousands of offices, slash service and layoff over 1,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. house bill 2309 is not the answer. as her family pulled out of the driveway, this isn't just a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams didn't just arrive at these fires with cold water and checks to help the grown-ups start the rebuilding... they also brought thousands of these teddy bears for kids. people come first. everything else is second. [ female announcer ] allstate customers a
taking texas to court for trying to suppress the vote but something sneaky just turned up in the fed's key piece of evidence. was there a secret political motive involved? >> and these buildings were supposed to save the environment but at what cost? turns out they are killing animals instead. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. >> 16 minutes after the top of the hour. new controversy surrounding the department of justice's battle with texas. it has to do with the voter i.d. law there. >> house republicans claim the d.o.j. has turned to a highly partisan liberal research firm called catalyst to help block the law there with the d.o.j. argues discriminates against hispanics. joining us now is texas congressman ted poe, member of the house judiciary committee. good to see you, sir. congressman, tell us what the problem is with the particular firm the department of justice hired. >> the department of justice is, with
thunderstorms will range across much of the southeast while texas and the southern plains will have triple digit highs. the northeast and the west coast will be sunny. >>> in sports this morning, you could say that lin-sanity is back. jeremy lin, an overnight sensation is reported to have agreed to a four-year, $19.5 million contract offer from the houston rockets. this could get complicated. the free agent point guard can sign the offer sheet with houston next wednesday after which the knicks have three days to match it. if they do, lin has to stay in new york. >>> serena williams heading to the women's finals at wimbledon. for the seventh time. the four-time champion made short work of her competitor. she overpowered the number two seed with 24 -- 24 aces. to win it 6-3, 6-6. on saturday, she will face poland for the championship. >>> to baseball. orioles at the angels. baltimore took a lead on the second inning on back-to-back homers by reynolds and flaherty. two innings later,' three run shot made it 7-3 orioles. they took the lead when morales smacked a single to left. the final angels 9, o
from tea party activist and a former texas naacp chapter president, c.l. bryant. he spoke at this year's annual leadership program of the rockies. mr. bryant discusses why he left the democratic party and became a black conservative during this hour-long event. >> matt kibbe is president and ceo of freedom works. he was with the organization previously known as citizens for a sound economy for over years years. an economist by training, he's a well respected national public policy expert, best-selling author and political commentator. "newsweek" called kibbe one of the master minds of the tea party politics. his expertise has led to frequent appearances on national news shows, including fox news, nbc, abc, cnn, msnbc, fox business, pbs and c-span, dubbed the scribe by "new york daily news," kibbe is co-author with dick armey of the "new york times" best-seller "give us liberty, a tea party manifesto." please help me welcome matt kibbe to lpr to introduce c.l. bryant. [ applause ] >> how you guys doing? does anyone here believe in freedom? does anyone here think that the government spen
at lackland air force - base, near san antonio texas. its the ttaining center for airmen --- male áandá ffmale. the pentagon says at least 31 trainees aae accusing their instructors of improper sexual contact...assault... evee rape.casey tegall reveals how long this abuse has apparently been going on... ...and the action congress mayy. take. stegall says: " now reaction from washington is coming in on this.caaifornia congresswommnnjackie speier is calliig for a special hearing on capitol hill."she has already sent a letter to thee house armed services committee and has said the military is... and i'm quoting here... unable to police itself on matters oo rape and sxual assault. texas senator kay bailey utchison says she supports the idea of a hearing -- buttissnot "calling" for one..she told fox news channel she wants to wait and see how the air force's top brass handlessthe matter.(take sot) hutchison says: "i do believe gen. ricc is onntop of it and he takes it very seriously as he should. i think we need to let him ave a chance to get a full report to find out the dept
news from austin, texas, and portmouth new hampshire. and we're done playing this sound effect. we are done with that. if you do not believe me, go to fred thompson is inherently i should said we weren't going to play it again. who saw flames reach her home as her family pulled out of the driveway, this isn't just a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams didn't just arrive at these fires with cold water and checks to help the grown-ups start the rebuilding... they also brought thousands of these teddy bears for kids. people come first. everything else is second. [ female announcer ] allstate customers affected by the recent wildfires call 1-800-547-8676. visit a mobile claims office, your agent or >>> the mysterious and as yet unsolved case of older sister who goes for the white house. that's still ahead. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. v
principal in fort worth texas faces 20 years in prison after her daughter planted a hidden camera in a girl's locker room to spy on the high school basketball coach after the team complained he yelled too much. the camera didn't record anything inappropriate but the principal faces felony charges of improper photographery and wiretapping. a defense attorney says she didn't do anything wrong. >> i guess the call, if this was in the library and not the locker room and there were no inappropriate pictures, but if this was the library, would we be talking about this today? >> we wouldn't be talking about illegal photography. we could be talking about the wiretapping. if you set up a recording device to tape conversation and they involve all parties not knowing they're being recorded you have a wiretapping issue. however if one of the people involved in the conversation is aware the conversation is being recorded it's not a wiretapping issue. it would foreclose the illegal photography. >> the shock value of this story is the fact the camera was in the locker room. though they were trying to get
: when you see this video it is tough to watch. the north texas toll way authority releasing video from the crash. when you watch it, keep in mind a young victim remains in the hospital in intensive care. let's watch. you see a dallas area rapid transit van slamming into the back of line of cars on a exit ramp. the first is a sedan. a 28-year-old is in the sedan and husband father of two is hanging on to his life after this brutal hit. the dart transit people are looking at this and put the van driver on paid administrative leave what they find out what happened and they suspect the transit driver was not paying attention and failed to slow down. five other vehicles involved in this, a chain reaction as you mentioned, jenna. in a case where one person at least was seriously injured. back to you. jenna: luckily not more. what a video and what a crash, harris. thank you. >> reporter: sure. jon: some new details to bring you on a shocking sexual assault case at one of the nation's busiest air force bases. we'll take you live to texas for that story. jenna: casey stiegel on the story. ameri
undergrounding wires unreasonable. the public utility of texas cited cost as a deterrent to undergrounding power lines. >> it is a very expensive proposition. >> md. -- no new maryland studies are in the works. >> a warning tonight from the fbi. computer users may not be able to get online because of a malicious software program that could have taken over their machines a year ago. it is called dns changer. the fbi says it is likely infecting more than a quarter million computers worldwide. >> it takes your computer, whenever you go to a web page, it pointed to other pages. either you will not be able to connect to the internet or your internet connection will be very slow. >> the fbi has said that to -- a website to inform users about the mouth where -- malware. >> just a few more days until three of baltimore orioles played in the all-star game. their production team is cranking out some signature handcrafted baseball bats for the game on sunday. the home run derby on monday and the all-star game tuesday night. each player and coach for received a souvenir. if you are a fan of the beach, the k
theeuniversity of texas punch a few keystrokes into thii computer. the drone goes wildly off course - now receiving instrrctionn - not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to thh drone's navigation system - a o- called "spoofer". the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with radio control has to save tteedrone from crashing.humphrrys says: "spoofing a gps receiver n a uav is jjst another way of hijacking a plane." if iiluminated a gaping hole in the government'ssplan to open up us iispace to gps-ggided drones. humphreys says: "in 5 to 10 years, you have 30 thousand drones in the airspace.. // edit // eacc one of these could be a potential missile used against us." until now, gps guided dronns have been limited mmstly to the battlefield in places ike iraq, aaghanistan and yemen. earlierrthis year, come up with rules to aalow 2015. they could be y - used for law enforcement, monitooing transmission and pipelines for utilitieea"a&. even pilotlessly deeivering packages across the country. the founder of fedex has said he wantss
followed. some giants players compared the nationalists to texas saying they are right there with them. they continue to light up there once sleeping offense outscoring their opponents by 25 runs. it is the real deal and everyone is buying in. >> it has been a team effort. you look at the numbers from the guys. everybody in the lineup is chipping in. it has been nicely to put some more runs up and get away from 2-1 games and give guys a little bit of a cushion. >> you do not have to be a tennis fan to know roger federer is among the elite. he is a 6 time grand slam winner and went up against -- he is one away from tying the record. a lot of flags must've been waving today. andy murray and did britain's semifinal jinx. he has to enjoy it. he struggled a bit but put it away with a forehand. quite the break for him since he lost the last three years in the semis. history could be made today for the first time ever, tiger woods and phil mickelson made both miss at the same time. he is currently one over while phil mendelson has already finished. for the second straight day you can see it o
. this is in dallas texas. as a result two people had to go to the hospital, the driver on paid leave, that crash is under investigation. people driving around york road can expect more congestion today, that water main that broke on wednesday was fix and had broke on thursday and was fixed again. southbound lane will be closed until the road is repaired, and repaving is complete. >>> starting tomorrow going through the weekend, the african-american festival we were going it talk about earlier in the show, let's talk about it now, one of the big issues this morning and all weekend long is going to be the sherrie johnson live this morning for information you need to know not only about the festival but the heat. >> reporter: we are live here at the stadium, this weekend the african-american festival kicks off and starts tomorrow at noon. this morning i have shaloda with gray bow media. good morning, this is so exciting, the 35th year for this festival, its changed names but still a wonderful event, over 5000 people attend this event yearly, one of the biggest festivals on the east coast clearly. t
. similarly, if i have a poor person who can qualify and in texas it's very difficult because the state undergovernor perry's mainly about trying to prevent anyone from getting health care, but if they manage to qualify for benefits in the state of texas for health care with a sick family, and they choose not to seek a higher wage job in order to maintain that eligibility for medicaid, that also would appear to be not an indication of a lack of willingness to work, but of an informed decision to try to provide health care protection. we attempted to respond to both types of informed decisions. with the affordable health care act. and over time want the availability, particularly the expansion of access for poor people to health care remove any cliff or disincentive to work to create a new jobs and new businesses and new economic opportunities. >> yes, congressman, i think you're adding precisely the kind of nuance that i tried to reflect in my testimony, which must be brought to these criticisms by my colleagues here on the panel of the implicit tax rates and the affordable care act. th
so if you're in driving distance of austin, texas, on saturday or portsmouth, new hampshire, on sunday, we have details posted if you would like to go. again, they've been your wars. it's your country, you're invited. >>> mercury rising. a large swath of the u.s. enduring another day of relentless heat, but is there light at the end of the tunnel? >>> exit wound. shocking new video shows the moments leading up to a huge pileup on a dallas off ramp. >>> and -- with a bang. out with a bang. a technical glitch causes all of san diego's july 4th fireworks to go off at once. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead. 234is is "first look" on msnbc. >>> and we begin this morning with going to extremes. relief could be in sight for millions of americans who have endured nearly a week of record-breaking heat, but the dangerous heat wave forecast to break this weekend in many parts of country is still not over yet. nbc's dan shen minh has that story. >> reporter: 92 degrees before 9:00 a.m. another hot day just beginning in chicago. the tempera
-3. atlanta are they split. and warm at the cell series finale between the texas rangers at the white sox. adrian beltre of the picture into right field to score ian kinsler is 1-0 that was the only damage the rangers could inflict on jose quintana. eight brilliant innings only two hits and eight strikeouts even better he got the victory and to kevin youkilis right field he won the game last night and won the game today. finish off the sweep and the trade is working out perfectly for everybody except maybe the red sox. >> that was a need for ross first tile enough to play first base on days like today we makes things around. prentice hall lot of intensity and to gain experience down the plan everyday what you play the game for sometimes have to take a breather but in the lineup every day good feeling just happy to be here and enjoy the ride i love this town. >> as for the all-star campaign it fell short of the texas jake peavy did not work out yu darvish edged out after a japanese voters nothing for jake peavy in kansas city but it was fun while it lasted. >> was not meant to be obviou
go awry. >> suarez: john merrow reports on a low income texas school district's approach to its drop-out crisis: a taste of college and hard work. >> so we're offering something that's more challenging to them, and telling them, "step up. you can have college now. it is free. it's your future. what do you want?" >> woodruff: plus, jeffrey brown talks to master storeller jack hitt about his latest project and making his mark as a self- employed writer. >> the question i get every time i go see my mom and i still get it. she'll always ask me this question, "so when are you going to get a job?" and the answer is: "it's okay, mom. i'm never going to get a job. this is the job!" >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> growing up in arctic norway, everybody took fish oil to stay healthy. when i moved to the united states almost 30 years ago, i could not find an omega-3 fish oil that worked for me. i became inspired to bring a new definition of fish oil quality to the world. today, nordic naturals is working to fulfi
buckled the pavement. >> this is happening across the country from wisconsin to texas. you're seeing streets buckling all over the place. >> reporter: in st. louis where it broke 100 degrees for the eighth straight day air conditioning repairmen worked overtime. >> i worked yesterday. >> reporter: today more record highs. at least 20 cities from atlanta to as far north as wisconsin. forecasters say relief may be just around the corner. >> we are looking at this pattern change to take place by the end of this weekend and certainly by the beginning of next week. it's going to feel much more comfortable especially for the middle of the country. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people remain without power after last week's storms. outside washington, d.c. most of lisa's neighbors have electricity, but she is still in the dark. the utility says her power won't be back until at least sunday. >> when they told me july 8th this morning i cried. >> and cooler temperatures without soaking rains won't alleviate the abnormally dry conditions affecting more than 200 million americans -- two-
is blamed for this buckling pavement sfroo from wisconsin to texas, you're seeing streets buckling all over the place. >> reporter: with no relief in sight for friday, they've canceled all of summer's classes. it's much the same for the nation as far north as milwaukee. to make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of americans are in their sixth day without electricity after last week's storms. they're still waiting for relief from the heat and their frustration. >> when they told me july 8th this morning, i cried. it's -- i couldn't believe it. i had actually broken at that point. >> reporter: forecasters say that relief may come by the end of the week. >> by this weekend and early next week it's going to feel more comfortable. >> reporter: cooler temperatures without significant rains will do lit toll help the extremely dry conditions affecting two-third os testify country. dave says his farm hasn't had decent rain since april 159. >> basically we're considering this to be a total loss. >> reporter: the government warns that the corn is in its worst shape in 20 years. prices are up 25% in
a chicago, a texas, a california, a nueva york. >>> habÍa otro tema en el tintero. >>> un diario dice que usted fue traicionada, tiene una respuesta? >>> tengo una enorme gratitud con los panistas que me acompaÑaron. >>> no dio nombres ni mencionÓ al gran ausente de estos dÍas, a vicente fox que abiertamente apoyÓ a peÑa nieto. dijo que va a pelear por la creaciÓn de la subsecretaria del migrante en la cancillerÍa, y sea dirigida por un hombre o mujer emigrado a estados unidos, regreso a estudios. >>> gracias marÍa antonieta con un lenguaje distinto. >>> sÍ, no es la misma. >>> vamos a mensajes, al regre sar la historia de un salvavidas que perdiÓ un empleo por salvar una vida. >>> un juez impone fianza a zimmermann, acusado de matar a un joven afroamericano en la florida. >>> hugo chÁvez en la campaÑa de su reelecciÓn, volvemos. ♪. ♪. >>> los intereses hipotecarios fijos llegaron a los rÉcord mÁs bajos desde los 50, los intereses por prestamos a 30 aÑos, son del 3.62%, y por prestamos a quince aÑos, 2.89%. >>> un juez de la florida ordeÓo la libertad condicional de
. >>> the north texas toll way authority just released the video. the bus plowed into four cars sending car parts flying all over the road. there were no passengers on the bus at the time. two other people were hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the bus driver is on paid leave while that happens. >>> chris christie isn't commenting after a video shows him in a heated back-and-forth at the jersey shore last night. tmz obtained the video after someone criticized his education policy and kept walking. >> you're a real big shot. >> stop shooting your mouth off. >> you're a big shot. keep walking away. >> keep walking. keep walking. >> governor christie recently signed legislation to expand public funding for charter schools. critics wanted that money to go to struggling public schools. >>> doug's here with more about our weather. >> to that it might be cool today compared to tomorrow, that's saying something. the highest i sauce was 99 at the haired. i think we'll be setting some records. we'll show you how things are shaping up. plenty of sunshine, not even a cloud in the sky
this freeway in texas. look at the exit. the traffic on it. the cars on it are basically at a stand still. look at what happens next. >> whoa! >> whoa, whoa! >> what the heck? >> that was a bus. >> that was a bus. >> holy cow. >> that was a dallas area rapid transit van that just rammed into several cars at the exit. >> oh, man. don't tell me this driver was like texting or something like this. >> this crash is under investigation. there were no passengers in the bus, but two people did have to be taken to the hospital. >> is it me or do i not see any brake lights at all? >> no, you don't. the thing is, is that this is a dallas transit van. you'd think they'd have more responsibility when driving a city car. >> if you're paying attention, he would have seen how many cars were backed up and stopped, because they weren't even moving. >> gee, that's terrible. think about it. you're already sitting in standstill traffic in an off-ramp and then this happens. >> the driver is currently on administrative leave. >>> you all probably remember this video. it's incredibly difficult to watch. i brought it
in chicago, they could just walk and meet in texas. >> maybe he was kicked out of his house in the middle of the night by his girlfriend/wife and he had nothing. >> this is the true walk of shame right now. >> or is it? nothing to be ashamed about. >> oh, my god. >>> a big lesson for all of you potential thieves out there watching the countdown. it's all in number eight. >> hers a noteo all future mb crinals. n't y attempted robbery. this was in brandon, mississippi. this is surveillance video obtained by wldt. we see 22-year-old roy mitchell walking into dee's one-stop convenience store about 11:30 a.m. grabs a bag of doritos, tosses them on the counter. gives the cashier two bucks. as the cashier opens the drawer to give him change, he pulls out a gun and demands her to empty the register. keep watching. see who's walking in in the orange shirt? that's roy mitchell's mom. i guess they were in the car together. she comes in and says, oh, son, put the gun down. but mom, mom, seriously, i was going to rob this lady. and then began pleading with the cashier not to call the cops and telling
can count on a bunch of humidity out there. in texas, extreme heat blamed for buckling pavement, the lack of rainfall and severe heat also impacting the crops of corn. in the last three weeks, the price of corn increasing by almost 30%. having a tough time. >> the temperatures going up, up, up. we're going to hit higher temperatures this weekend. >> they are going to cool off next week and then we are really going to heat up. this weekend, though, should be okay for outdoor plans without getting too hot. next week, we're talking triple digits. we have a heat wave on the way but this is the reason. we've been so nice out there. that natural cooling coming off of the pacific. the low clouds. that's what's going to keep us nice today. we broke into the 70s, that was it in san jose yesterday. today, more of the same. a touch warmer in some cities. here is a look at san jose. completely clear to start you out on a friday morning. 53 degrees in livermore, 57 san jose, 51 degrees in santa cruz. you made it to the weekend, maybe you had most of the week off because of the fourth of july
to pronounce. >> and also a lung infection. you said both you found in texas? >> but also in other parts of the united states. the brain infection is the leading cause of epilepsy in texas and other parts of the american south. there's a worm infection that the parasite lives in the lung. it's been linked to asthma and developmental delays. very common among african-american populations living in poverty. >> in large numbers? >> 2.8 million african-americans are infected with that infection. i like to call the diseases the most important infections you've never heard about. >> and then denge fever. you found that in texas and in florida. you think of denge fever in africa. >> that's right. we think of these as very exotic. but they're not really exotic. it's poverty is the overriding determinant. you show me poor people, i'll show you these diseases. denge is a mosquito transmitted affect. it's in florida and texas. and we think it's possibly elsewhere on the gulf coast as well. >> is there a big effort to try to eradicate the diseases? >> they are really invisible, and they disproportio
degree murder charge in connection with her disappearance. >>> new video this morning from dallas, texas. the video from a toll plaza shows, look at this, a city bus plowing into four cars sending debris all over the road. two people were injured. the crash is now under investigation. it is unbelievable. >>> a break in the searing heat out west has firefighters scrambling to gain ground on several blaises, crews making progress. investigators on the most destructive in colorado state history say they have located the site where that blaze started. they have yet to conclude what triggered the 12 day old wildfire. mvp while a new wildfire threatening evacuation and threatening homes in northern california. >>> check out the official song of the 2012 london olympics. it is called survival and features a video showing moments of the game. ♪ >> while the song is taking some flack from music critics. officials say it will be played throughout the games when athletes enter the venue. 7:14, back to natalie, willie, stephanie. it is no "eye of the tiger" but i like the words. >> i love muse. th
. >> texas, traffic cam video crash. you can see the transit van brake lights flicker at the very last second as it plows into the back of a car. that car's driver survives but remains hospitalized no passengers in that van. the driver on paid administrative leave. farther south in the lone star state. an officer was driving through beaumont with his bind doe down during fourth of july celebrations. when a bullet fell from the sky and hit him in the chest. >> pin and hit him in the right side. >> harris: what saved him? he was wearing body armor. arizona. police arresting a woman in phoenix on suspicion of child abuse. witnesses at a restaurant claimed she poured beer from a pitcher into her son's sippy cup. and then let him drink it. police say she admitted doing it to stop him from grabbing for the pitcher. alaska. marine mammal specialist gathering at an aquarium to give 24 hour care to the whalen. the male calf was two days old when they found him separated from his mom. at the has been at the center for two weeks at the cost of $2,000 per day. that's a fox watch across america. i'm harri
militants taking control of an area bigger than texas and the u.n. tells out front there are more than 1,000 refugees fleeing the country and now reports of a cholera outbreak and according to media reports in the region, with land mines. the united states is about to open the flood gates and reinstate aid to pakistan. governor officials tell us the u.s. is going to repay about 1.1 billion as part of a military program that reimburses pakistan for so-called anti-terrorism efforts and we are told they will talk to congress and could run into a problem in the senate. where justin march a panel voted to withhold aid to pakistan and made in protest to jail the doctor who helped the cia find and kill osama bin laden. now to china where the country's central bank cut interest rates the second time in a month and this is an incredible development, everyone. top of the show we talked how crucial is to the u.s. and why you have to care about this. gord chan told us now panic in beijing, his word, before the first rate cut in june, china had not cut interest rates in three years. even with the glo
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